January 29, 2009

DRYAD Group announce results from the latest high speed pilot tests in Finland run during November 17 – 21, 2008.

Our sizing concept is simple, we just add our low space requirement spray units to a size press before the nip. We then add any desired amount of high solids starch for the sizing effect and finish the quality using the pressure pulse from the size press.

We are happy to report that these latest pilot tests to size board grade papers have been a great success. The results confirm that we can put a film press quality starch layer on paper surface at desired starch loading level. We also have tools to control the CD profile of this starch layer as desired.

The latest tests were run using two layer untreated testliner as base paper. Some client specific tests were also performed with successful results. We met and exceed the paper quality requirements on the markets and can now offer a process that will use previously unattainable high starch solids in sizing.

We could not detect any deterioration in paper quality with increasing solids i.e. we know now that we can go even higher.

Our process makes easy and inexpensive retrofit opportunities for all those with a size press already in place.

It can┬áreduce the use of wet end starch – and perhaps in some cases we are able to eliminate it. It is also conceivable that we might be able to create superior quality layered papers by using spray units between the layers in the forming section whenever the available space allows it.

We can now offer an economically highly attractive sizing process for testliner manufacturing. We see no limits related to any other paper and board grades but with to start the commercialization the waste paper based testliner seemed a perfect fit for multiple reasons.

Follow the link to see the two examples to installing our patented system to the size press area:

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